Richard A. Perry Memorial Foundation x Project 3 Kenya

Why Not A Pear is honored and thrilled to help establish a new school in Mombasa, Kenya by donating funds to help purchase supplies and support skilled workers who will build and furnish a new school for elementary students eager to get an education. Learn more about how you can help!

Why Not Be the Change?

We’re honored to help Project 3 Kenya with their mission to rebuild a new school and empower children in Mombasa, Kenya, as it fits within our founding mission to create opportunities for all children to lead healthy, happy, inspired lives.

Our Foundation

Our organization was founded on the idea that allowing children access to different types of activities and learning environments empowers them and helps grow them into happier, more successful members of our community. Learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

About Project 3 Kenya

The goal of Project 3 is to raise money and donations to completely rebuild the St. Patience Vision Academy School in Mombasa, Kenya, as well as raise funds for the nearby orphanage and hospital. With the help of close friends and companies, we look forward to helping raise money and donations for the communities in Kenya. Next year, Project 3 will be traveling down to Mombasa to give out the supplies and donations we have helped raise!

Rebuild St. Patience
Vision Academy

  • Currently holds 150 students, with
    multiple classrooms held together by
    sheets of tin and tree limbs
  • A complete rebuild (see plans below) will expand the
    student population to over 300 students
  • St. Patience will serve as not only a school
    to educate the next doctors of Kenya, but
    will also serve as a location for multiple
    pop-up health clinics for the community

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