Our mission

Our mission is to provide funding, services and programs to all children — and the organizations that support them — so that they can grow into confident, healthy, happy people. Building on the shared passion of Richard Perry and his daughter, Cheryl, the foundation is focused on supporting organizations, schools, teachers and individual families where our contributions will have an immediate and significant impact.

Richard Perry was dedicated to serving the common good and known for his generosity of spirit. An honored member of the United Way and a lifelong supporter of organizations focused on providing kids with creative, athletic and educational outlets, Richard recognized the importance of helping all kids build confidence and feel supported. His dedication to community service inspires us every day and we are proud to carry on his legacy and spirit of generosity.

Wondering what our Pear represents?

In education, the apple icon placed perfectly on top of a set of books or presenting an apple to your teacher, is indicative of the educational system and the students within it. The apple is perfectly shaped, shiny, and balanced. However, as individuals, we have many learning differences and are often not perfectly balanced. The pear, although a consistent shape, is sometimes bumpy and off-balance. Our Pear represents all students and individuals.
So… Why Not A Pear?

Our Team

Our team is proud to carry forward the legacy of Richard A. Perry, a life-long learner and advocate for education, athletics and serving others through charity.

Cheryl Moura

Cheryl is our Founder of our Foundation, managing strategic operations. Sharing her father’s commitment to education and giving back, her experience as both a teacher and mother of five drives her passion for the Foundation's mission.

Brooke Kramer

Brooke is a Wheaton College graduate with a degree in Psychology and double minor in Education and Sociology. As our Foundation President, Brooke uses the knowledge she has gained over the years to help promote our mission statement.

Terry Teixeira

Terry is a team member for the foundation. For over 20 years, she has worked as a Speech Therapist working with elementary school aged children with autism and development disabilities. Terry is looking forward to working with the rest of the team continuing to promote the mission and giving back to the community!

Sarah Baillargeon

Sarah leads the marketing team, amplifying the Foundation’s vision, mission and local impact. Along with her degree in Marketing and professional experience, her background includes volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club, YMCA and other nonprofit and youth development settings.

Peter Reney

Peter is a Johnson & Wales University graduate with a degree in Creative Advertising. Part of the Foundation's Marketing team, he is passionate about creating our social media content and sharing our mission.

Aubrie Teixeira

Aubrie is a Johnson & Wales University graduate with a degree in Sports, Entertainment & Event Management. Spearheading our team for the Falmouth Road Race each year, she is passionate about sharing our Foundation's mission, fundraising and giving back to her community.

Christine Demers

Christine is a team member for the foundation and works in the medical field as a lead ultrasound tech. She is looking forward to making a difference giving back to the children in the community!

Connie Hudson

Kathleen Patrick

Kathleen is a board member for the Foundation and small business owner of Create with Kath located in Lakeville, MA. She is very passionate about giving back to the community and is eager to help grow the foundation in any way she can!

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